The project originates from an idea of Emidio Sciannella, thanks to the experience in Solstizio and the participation of Julia Kent, who shares its developments and consequences. The project is founded on the creation and collection of spontaneous sounds by pupils taking part in projects and workshops on specific issues (wars, emigration, water problems, environmental issues). These sounds are later re-elaborated by musicians and transformed into original assemblages which will be introduced into the pop or underground distribution chains; any revenue will be assigned to support the social projects in the world.

Earthbeats is currently connected to We are the Planet!. It involves pupils with different ages (6-18 years old) in more than one area of the planet, thanks to educational paths that employ a method characterized by the use of artistic languages as means for giving voice to the individual views and for harmonizing them.

Earthbeats is the union of the words beat and earth