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7 Oct 2013


Earthbeats becomes an operating project within the EU intervention We are the Planet, in which it has been included as artistic workshop. Thousand of pupils have been involved in Spain, Italy,Cyprus and Slovenia during its two-years activities, gathering spontaneous sounds and building sound objects using recycled materials. The workshop was divided into two stages: The first stage was dedicated to the educational examination of the 7th Millennium Goal with practice exercises, report of experiences from other places through videos, photos and

6 Oct 2013


The collection of spontaneous sounds has taken place at the same time in the four Countries of the project We are the Planet. The way of collecting sounds was different according to the peculiarities of the territories, the educational methodologies, and the pupils’ sensitivity. In Italy some teachers made pupils build up their sound instruments using recycled materials, offering thus an original learning path through an active process of environmental sustainability. In the other Countries,